Monday, 3 June 2013

Reneissance Art - Primavera

1. Initial Reaction
  • What is your first impression of the art work? Describe what you see.
  • What does it remind you of?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • What questions do you have?
  • Feel free to elaborate on these questions and explain your thinking process.
o   My first impression of the art work is “what is it supposed to mean?” I see a group of people, two are wearing red and the rest are in white. There is an angel above the lady wearing red in the middle and on the right side; there is some sort of angel type thing grabbing the lady wearing white.
o   This painting reminds me of dancing in some sort of way. They look like they are dancing in the woods.
o   I don’t feel anything from this painting ‘nor any other paintings.
o   What is this painting supposed to mean? Why is it important? Why did the artist decide to paint this portrait?
o   My thinking process is just wondering what this painting is supposed to mean, I just don’t understand.
2. Analysis
Proportion from the space & form.
Balance from the colour & form.
Movement from the space, form, & shape.
Gradation from the colours & value.

3. Interpret
  • What does the subject matter tell you about this artwork?
  • What symbols are used, and what do they represent?
  • How do you feel when you view this artwork, and why do you feel this way?
  • What mood is created by the artwork? How has the artist used the elements and principles to create this mood?
  • If the artist was attempting to use an artistic technique, has it been used affectively to help convey meaning?
    • The subject matter of this artwork tells me that it was originates in heaven and is drawn down to earth through a sexual desire.
    • The symbols that are used are figures of people. Six figures represent six females, two figures represent two male, and one figure represents a blindfolded cupid.
    • When I view this artwork, I dont feel anything. The only feeling I get is confusion. No matter how much research I do, I just dont get the understanding to get a feeling from a portrait.
    • This painting does not affect my mood at all. So I am not entirely sure what mood it is supposed to trigger.
    • Yes, you can see where the artist has attempted to use an artistic skill(s) because, it is so well done. Painting, blending, portioning, sizing, spacing, etc. This artist did a swell job.
4. Cultural Context
  • What was happening at this time in history? (politically, socially)
  • How did the artist's personal life affect his or her decision to create the artwork?
  • How does the artwork relate to other artworks during this time?
  • Were there any discoveries or movements that may have influenced the artist?
  • Was the artwork revolutionary at the time? How did people appreciate it when it was created?
    • In this history of time,  Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici got married and also, his nephew was born.
    • The artist's personal life affected his decisions on creating this artwork and others too because his wife died 34 years before he did and he was also charged with homosexuality on a boy.
    • This artwork relates to others during this time because they all have beauty, joy, and charm.
    • No, there was no discoveries or movements that may have influenced the artist.
    • Not entirely sure if the artwork was revolutionary at the time but, the churches would not accept this and other paintings into the church because they were so different than traditional paintings.
5. Expression of Aesthetic Judgement
  • Has your knowledge of the artwork deepened?
  • Does this knowledge influence your opinion of the artwork?
  • Has the meaning shifted in any way? If not, does this make the artwork less successful?
  • Do you think this artist's use of elements and principles has helped the produce a successful artwork that clearly communicates its intended message?
    • No, my knowledge of the artwork did not deepen.
    • I suppose my opinion has changed ever so slightly. The artwork kind of makes a little sense to me now.
    • The meaning did shift for me a little bit. I did not know his wife died 34 years before him or that he was interested in little boys but, all of this does not make the artwork less successful.
    • Yes, the artist's use of elements and principles has helped him produce a successful artwork because he used the techniques very carefully and let it all fall into place during his studio time.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Plastering failed.

More plastering. Didnt exactly work out as planned because, the plastered hands kept breaking every time someone would go cut it off. So I think this assignment is done and over with.

Principle & Elements

In this art work, there is MOVEMENT and that is seen through the value and space. There is HARMONY and VARIETY from the shape and colours. Also, there is balance but, im not exactly sure what element(s) would support that principle.

Friday, 10 May 2013


Hand Plasters. Assignment is to make a plastered vortex with a bunch of hands on the in and outside of it. It will represent PURE PRESSURE. One of my classmates came up with the idea, pretty cool. This is just the beginning of the fun, making a hand cast.  

Painting Assignment, perfectionist.

For this assignment, it was painting with a color plan along with blending.
Figuring out color plan, trying different colors.
Beginning with painting.

Chose a color plan and began to paint.
Half way done and I did not like how the orange and yellow blended together.

Thinking of colors to match.
Finishing the painting assignment.

Chose colors. Dark purple and blue, light purple and blue, lighter purple and blue. I chose these two colors because they blended very well together and I thought using light and dark colors would have worked perfectly. I loved the outcome that I got from my work.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Blended Color Wheel

This is my blended color wheel. I haven't had to make a color wheel for years now, so when I did this one, I was kind of unsure of what I was doing, then it clued in to me. Afterwards, I had to try and blend it so it wouldn't be all solid. I tried my best.

Clay Mug Assignment This link will explain in detail on what we did with the clay.

First Photo of my clay cup. This is still wet clay.
Second Photo of my clay cup. This is after being baked in the kilm.
Third Photo of my clay cup. This is after it was painted with blue gloss.

I will post the finished picture after the weekend at some time, it is on its finishing touches.